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Tommi Niemi
Can the fridge door remains attached to the other magnets? Yes. Door tuning with interchangeable print does not prevent the use of traditional fridge magnets. However, change of interchangeable print is then more work :) If fridge magnet is very weak, the interchangeable print between can cause problems keeping up fridge magnet.
Why magnetic mat is not just a "metal" such as the fridge door, why does it have to be in magnetic? When magnetism is in thicker magnetic mat and not in interchangeable print, the adhesion can be stronger. This allows putting many VividCover interchangeable prints overlap (for example, photowall made with vividcover can be placed smaller interchangeable prints on top). Changing interchangeable print is also easier when the print does not stick to itself.
Can the magnetic version of VividCover-interchangeable print also be used on magnetic mat, e.g. on walls? Yes you can - though adhesion is not as strong as the metal door, and that's why you may not be able to put many interchangeable print on top of each other.
Can the material attached to the roof? Yes you can, but you must use 0.7 mm or 1 mm magnetic mat, and it must be mounted with carpet glue. Due to the magnetic mat weight, installation on the ceiling could be difficult. So the best solution would be to install magnetic mat on ceiling plates already in construction phase before mounting plates to the ceiling.
Photowall composed from several parts, should I install interchangeable prints butted or lapped? Both ways are possible. With butted installation changing the interchangeable prints is more accurate, that there is no gap between. With lapped installation changing the interchangeable prints is not so accurate, overlap may slightly appear with side light. Interchangeable print is so thin that overlapp is relatively thin.
What is the right product for me? Magnetic VividCover interchangeable print on places such as fridge, dishwasher, drying cabinet, metal fire doors, on locations where the magnet can be attached. Metallic VividCover-interchangeable print places on which is mounted VividBase-magnetic mat.